Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello. Long Time No See.

Well it has been sometime since we have worked on this, and well we apologize to anyone who's been waiting to hear what we were up to. A lot had happened since the last time you heard from Jaxson. Football season is of course over and we have moved on to T-Ball season for his little brother L. Hmmm what else ....

OH!! Jaxson is no longer in public school! We took him out and we are enjoying Homeschooling! There is a loooong story... but long story short. We, his parents, were disappointed with how our school was handling things, how they were teaching, and how there was lack of discipline and concern. So we decided if they weren't going to give him the best education we felt he deserved... then we'd do it ourselves! Of course it's not for everyone, and I can't imagine my life {mom} without my public school education. But it was a different time... and right now for us we are homeschooling. Who knows for how long.... but we are going to take it a day at a time and enjoy each and every day we have together!

So now that we have settled into a nice routine, and summer is just around the corner, Jax has asked to start this back up. We also got emails recently with current soldiers and an airman serving over in Afghanistan. Jaxson is very patriotic and wants to start writing to more serving overseas. So if you know someone who'd enjoy a letter from a pretty amazing 9 year old kid, let us know and we will get to work on a letter or care package ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by and we promise we will be working hard to keep this going!

Jaxson's Mom :)

Some recent pictures of Jax and his brothers. {the youngest is growing facial hair a little early, don't ya think? lol}